Religious Education Program

In the Religious Education Program we guide children and youth in the liberal search for truth and meaning.

  • Families of all kinds receive affirmation and support to help children develop healthy minds and spirits.
  • Safe classroom and worship communities build a sense of belonging.
  • Children develop their own spirituality rooted in Unitarian Universalist values.
  • We seek universal wisdom from many of the world’s religious traditions.
  • Social justice education and opportunities help our young people identify their place in the world.
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Youth Groups

Our core youth program for high school students provides experiences in community building and fellowship, worship and congregational engagement, social action, UU values, and leadership.

Middle school youth work, reflect, and laugh together to engage in social justice, learning the value of putting their faith into action. Those continuing from last year prepare to complete and celebrate their transition into young adulthood.

Religious Education youth group

2020 – 21 Course Descriptions

When in-person worship and meetings are taking place, children are nurtured by loving care-givers in a warm, child-friendly environment. (Until that time, no Nursery services are planned.) 

Once Sunday morning Worship resumes, children learn about UU Principles – promises we make as we celebrate, discover, and play together – using the colors of the rainbow as their guide. (Until that time, no Preschool program is planned. You may still register your child in anticipation of a possible return to Sunday morning church services.) 

Let us help you create quality Family Time. This “hybrid” program revolves around experiences and activities shared at home, with periodic guided activities online. Registered families receive “home” materials to explore monthly Soul Matters themes through fun activities that are active and object-based. Once a month, before Sunday morning worship, students “meet and share” with a pair of UUCW volunteer facilitator/teachers prepared specifically for your child’s group. (Guardians are expected to accompany their child/ren into the online sessions.) 

Registered families receive “home” materials, based on Soul Matters themes, and engage in the activities on their own time. Students also “meet” online once/month before Sunday morning worship (but a different week than the 4K-Gr1 group). They connect with each other in short, active explorations led by a pair of UUCW facilitator/teachers. These adult volunteers are prepared specifically for your child’s group. (Guardians will be asked to supervise/assist their child/ren in the online environment.)

Justice does not come into being automatically. Individuals must work together, learn together, laugh together, and heed the call together. Students explore this call, online this year, with adult volunteer teacher facilitators. This is being planned as an “every Sunday” program meeting AFTER online worship services. (Guardians are welcome to supervise students who have that need in the online environment.) 

Our “Coming of Age” group from last year will resume and complete the program started, but interrupted, during the last church year. This is being planned as an “every Sunday” program meeting AFTER online worship services. It will culminate in November/December with an online Worship/Celebration of this important transition into UU young-adulthood. After this, students will be invited to join the “Heeding the Call” group for opportunities to participate in social justice work.

Young Religious Unitarian Universalist (YRUU) high school students will meet, “as usual”, after Sunday worship services – only online. This group fosters community, service and UU values among teenagers and prepares them for a spiritual life in their early adulthood. YRUU students are periodically invited to contribute to multi-generational worship services throughout the church year. 

Religious Education kids in Service