Children and Youth

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Religious Education Program

In the Religious Education Program we guide children and youth in the liberal search for truth and meaning.

  • We explore the world’s religious traditions.
  • Children develop their own spirituality rooted in Unitarian Universalist values.
  • Social justice education and opportunities help our young people identify their place in the world.
  • A sense of belonging is built via classroom community and worshipping together.
  • Families of all kinds are affirmed and receive support to help children develop healthy minds and spirits.
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Youth Groups

Our core youth program for high school students provides experiences in community building and fellowship, worship and congregational engagement, social action, UU values, and leadership.

Middle school youth engage in a Neighboring Faiths program, and learn the value of putting their faith into action. We also offer units on gender bias in the media, and the comprehensive sexuality education program, Our Whole Lives.

Religious Education youth group

2019 – 20 Course Descriptions

Infants and toddlers are nurtured by consistent, loving caregivers in a warm, child-friendly environment.

Using the symbol of the chalice throughout the year, children learn about their church, celebrate holidays, discover wonder, and make friends. We nurture children’s spiritual growth, creativity, and connection to their Unitarian Universalist community through hands-on rituals, finger-plays, and games.

The Welcome Home curriculum engages leaders and children alike to explore how and why we welcome others into our lives, while developing a sense of home that is grounded in Unitarian Universalist faith.

Throughout history and across the world, people have asked questions about where the world came from, who they are, and what their purpose is in life. This class will explore the many ways people experience religion around the world.

Explore the worship practices of our own and other religions. Using videos, internet explorations, stories, and activities, we discover the spirituality and worship practices of other religions, highlighted by exciting visits to the worship services of different faith groups to meet and interact with our neighbors.

Embark upon a spiritual journey from childhood to adolescence. Using the symbolism of the compass, we explore our most ultimate beliefs and values, UU faith and heritage, and importance of social justice. The year culminates in writing a faith statement and creating a worship service for the whole congregation.

Our core youth program for high school students provides experiences in community building and fellowship, worship and congregational engagement, social action, UU values, and youth-led sessions exploring the monthly Soul Matters themes and other topics of importance to our youth and their world.

Religious Education kids in Service