How Do We Best Cultivate a Quiet Inner Spirit? In a world that encourages the idolatry of acquisition of material wealth and influence, how do we find the Divine within us? In a culture that places so much value on our having the “right” public persona, skill sets, ego –how do we find and nurture the true self within us?

In the third through fifth centuries CE there were many zealous Christians living in the deserts of Egypt, Palestine, and Syria. They left comfortable lives in society to seriously engage in the hard process of soul-making. These men and women left us with a challenging assortment of sayings and stories which can help to live more authentic lives some 1,600 years later. These are the Desert Fathers and Mothers.

As UUs, these ancient ascetics can teach us valuable spiritual lessons today. Their spiritual practices and insights are a resource we may explore in the Christian Spirituality for UUs Affinity Group.

You are invited to join us on April 20 at 7:00 PM at UUCW to find out more when we have our initial group meeting to get things rolling. Please contact Jim Maletta to RSVP and receive the interest survey to provide your input.


Christian Spirituality for UUs