Hello UUCW!

I am so excited to be coming to minister among you, back to the land of my birth! I’ve enjoyed ‘meeting’ you through your website presence, and by way of your enthusiastic interim search team.

Here’s a quick travelogue of my life: Born in Milwaukee, daughter of a Baptist minister, grew up in South Dakota and northern Minnesota, first career theatre production, second career real estate, and final career UU ministry. Studied in Berkeley, did my internship in Wausau, served in Thunder Bay, ON, and now Peterborough, where I’ve been for 15 years.

I have five siblings and nearly countless nieces and nephews. I love music, board games, and lakeside retreats. Transparency, self-reflection, and honest communication feed my introvert soul. Anti-racism work is my passion.

Journey and process are key to my theology. My faith is grounded in an ability to take the next step, an agreement to keep trying, and a commitment to the process… even when it seems there are no answers. I believe that our belonging, our inherent worth, and our purpose are found within the ever-changing journeys of our lives…journeys that are deeply enriched by sharing the path with others.

I am looking forward with great anticipation to the journey I will share with you…an adventure in change and growth to be sure.

Grateful for this opportunity, and I’ll see you soon,


PS. My given name is Julie, but I prefer Jullan (YEW-lan), my namesake-grandmother’s Swedish name. I’ll answer to either!