The Common Ground community organization that UUCW is a member of has created a new task force on Racial Justice to continue the work it started last summer around possible racial profiling by law enforcement in Waukesha County. As they gathered stories from white, black, and brown members of Common Ground about their encounters with law enforcement, it became clear that racial profiling is not only a concern in Waukesha County but in the Milwaukee County suburbs as well. This new task force will continue to gather stories, probably by monitoring the municipal traffic courts in Milwaukee area suburbs, to determine the patterns and decide on a strategy for creating change.

Because UUCW members come from many communities in the Milwaukee and Waukesha County suburbs, helping with this municipal court monitoring could be a very concrete way we can help right this injustice. Ann Heidkamp of UUCW will attend the first meeting of the Task Force in late February. If you are interested in finding out more about this task force or the court monitoring, please let Ann know.