A message from Pam Beattie, UUCW Board of Trustees Member

The Board of Trustees is the link between the MInister, staff, and Congregation. One of the Board’s goals for 2021-22 is to be mindful of the health and spiritual well-being of our members, continue building community as we move through the pandemic, and transition to multi-platform services. Communication is central to building community as it helps people recognize important issues and keeps us all informed.

Your Board of Trustees at UUCW welcomes suggestions and input from church members. All suggestions will be taken seriously and responded to in a timely manner. However, it should be noted that not all suggestions will be actionable.

There are several ways you can submit a suggestion or inquiry. The best way is to send a suggestion directly, in writing, or by e-mail to the Board as a whole. Emails sent to board@uucw.org will include all nine Board members. The Ex Officio which includes Reverend Denise and our Treasurer Leslie Peterson is also included in all correspondence sent to this email.  You can always place a written suggestion or inquiry in the suggestion box located in the UUCW community room. A staff person will check the box on a regular basis and forward it to
the Board.

I have had the privilege to serve on the Board of Trustees for almost three years and have been led by three outstanding presidents Scott Schulick, Laurie Boddie, and currently Lisa Larson. Our Board governs with an emphasis on outward vision and encourages diversity in
viewpoints. We always welcome your input and strive to keep an open line of communication.