Sunday September 27, 2020  11:30 a.m. 

September 4, 2020  

Dear UUCW Members,        

On Sunday, September 27, 2020, at 11:30 a.m. we will convene a Special Congregational Meeting of the members of Unitarian Universalist Church West (UUCW). This meeting has been duly called by President Laurie Boddie in accordance with Section VI.B. of the UUCW Bylaws. The purpose of the meeting is to make a determination about selling UUCW’s East Property.

The Special Congregational Meeting will take place over Zoom. In accordance with Section VI.C. of the UUCW Bylaws, only those members of UUCW who signed the Membership Book on or before July 27, 2020 are eligible to participate and vote at the meeting. A quorum of 20% of UUCW’s voting membership is required to conduct the buying or selling of real estate (Section VI.D). We encourage all UUCW voting members to attend the Special Meeting.

  • Congregants will login to zoom either by computer or phone.
  • Congregants are encouraged to enter the zoom 15 minutes before the meeting to facilitate check-in.
  • You will enter through a waiting room and then moved into a breakout room where you will be checked in. When asked please list the names of all members on the zoom call.
  • You will be notified if we received your mail-in ballot and therefore during the roll call for voting your name will NOT be called.
  • During the call, you will have access to the chat and hand-raising features.

Members will receive a packet via USPS. This mailing includes the Agenda, an East Property Information Packet, and instructions on how to participate in the Zoom meeting.  

Special Congregational Meeting Agenda  

1. Call to order: Laurie Boddie, President
2. Ascertain 20% quorum — Jeanne Jarecki, Secretary
3. Chalice lighting — The Rev. Suzelle Lynch
4. Appoint Parliamentarian
5. Approve Agenda
6. Consensus Item: June 7, 2020, Annual Meeting Minutes
7. Motion: “UUCW accepts the Letter of Intent to Purchase the east property submitted by “BUYER” and authorizes the Executive Team, the Board of Trustees and its advisors to finalize the sale of the east property accordingly.”
8. Discussion
9. Roll Call Vote
10. Adjourn

Action by Written Ballot: For your convenience, mail-in ballots have been included in this mailing. NOTE: Completed written, mail-in ballots must be received by the church office by noon, Friday, September 25, 2020. Members voting by absentee ballot can attend the Zoom meeting on September 27, 2020. Absentee/mail-in ballots will be “counted” for the official vote of the original motion. If the original motion is amended or changes during the meeting, all absentee/mail-in ballots will be voided. If the motion changes, or is amended, during the Special Meeting, since this is an entirely new motion, all members present at the Meeting may vote for the new motion.

As you will see in this packet, the current proposal of the sale of the east property is not a simple transaction. To ensure the congregation has the information it needs to make a thoughtful decision, two information sessions will be held to review the details of the offer and answer questions in advance. The sessions will be recorded and available for offline viewing.

Submitted questions that cannot be answered during the session, once aggregated, will be answered in writing and sent
to the congregation.
We strongly encourage you to attend one of the informational sessions. 

Informational Q&A Sessions – Sale of East Property:
Session 1 – Thursday, September 10th at 7 pm
Session 2 – Wednesday, September 16th at 7 pm
Contact the church office for the meeting link. 


Jeanne Jarecki

UUCW Board of Trustees Secretary
If you have any questions, please contact Board Secretary Jeanne Jarecki.  

For more information:

East Property Sales Overview Fact Sheet and FAQs 

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