The lower level construction area has been made safe for viewing so you are welcome to visit and look at the progress. Please take care when visiting the area. We apologize for the inconveniences and are making every effort to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety.

IMPORTANT: Asbestos Abatement on August 28 and 29. The removal of the foyer carpet includes an asbestos abatement process. The foyer will be sealed off until work is complete. When visiting the church, please pass through the office to get to the Community Room or Kitchen.

  1. Stay out of restricted areas marked with signs and caution tape. When visiting the lower level, stay behind barriers.
  2. Watch your step on uneven floors. Additional rubber mats will be in place to make floor transitions safer, but step mindfully!
  3. Look before you turn on a light switch. Numerous light switches have been disabled and covered. Do not attempt to turn on any covered light switches.   
  4. Supervise your children at ALL times. Children are naturally curious and will want to explore new areas. Our normal guideline of “no unsupervised children” is doubly important now, during construction!
  5. The accessible / non-gender specific / family restroom on the main floor is unavailable. We apologize for this major inconvenience. Please yield the right-of-way to those members use walkers or wheelchairs when you are using the main level restrooms. Offer assistance to others, too! If you need a non-gender specific restroom, please use to the preschool restroom at the bottom of the East Stairs (red stairs).  Be aware that the toilet in this restroom is lower than standard height. If you need a diaper changing table, one is available in the Nursery (LL-11) on the Lower Level (down the West Stairs/blue stairs).
  6. All main level restrooms will be closed at some point. There will be porta potty units available, including one with accessibility for persons with mobility disabilities.
  7. Name tags have moved but are still important! A temporary system of alphabetized storage bins has been put in place to hold name tags during construction. If this “bin system” becomes a hassle for you, please feel free to keep your name tag in your car, purse, or wallet for the next few months. But please do continue to wear your name tag — when we know each other’s names, it helps build community at UUCW!

For more information about the day-to-day effects of construction on church activities, contact Vicki Banville.