On Sunday, Feb 18, a group of ardent and curious UUCWers joined together in conversation about the role a right relations covenant might play in UUCW’s life. There were so many good questions! It was a good time!

Together, we explored how, as a covenantal faith, Unitarian Universalism relies on a variety of covenants to create bonds and clarify expectations. Covenants can be values-based, missional, behaviorial, or unique to small groups and committees. Sunday’s conversation was about a Covenant of Right Relations. Don’t know what this is? Read more HERE.

Did you know UUCW already has such a covenant? You can find it HERE.

One of the reasons to have Covenant of Right Relations is so that in times of conflict or disagreement, everyone has some agreed-upon guidelines to follow to help maintain respectful and loving relationships. Such a covenant can provide a way to call one another back into a circle of care and mutuality when someone is hurt or impacted by another’s behavior.

And yet, the community cannot effectively use this covenant if it is not visible and known. At the end of our conversation, there was consensus that more education and awareness are needed. Perhaps this work will be left to do with your new settled minister. Or maybe there is energy to move ahead with something now. If this work is calling to you, let me know!

Here for you for as long as I’m here,

Rev. Julie  

PS. Our next conversation is scheduled for March 24 from 12:30-2:30 pm and will focus on Leadership. Watch the e-news for more details.