DINNERS IN THE HOME is UUCW’s moveable feast and a great way to get to know more members of our growing church.
As a community building activity, each small group potluck features 6 to 8 members who gather in the homes of host members to share a meal and conversation.

We will have an information and a sign-up table after services on September 30th. Dinners in the Home Sign-Up Form

Members can sign up to attend and the plan is to rotate the hosts and the guests which allows for interaction with many members. Hosts prepare an entrée and the guests supply appetizers, sides and desserts.

DINNERS IN THE HOME GOAL: To help church members get to know one another at small, informal potluck dinners held during the church year:

DINNERS IN THE HOME will start in Fall of 2018. The tentative months are scheduled for October, November 2018, January, February and March 2019. (Depending on the number of signups we will set the specific dates in October, however we know the dates for the various groups are often changed to accommodate each other’s needs. Participants have a great history of flexibility.)

HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? We gather names at the sign up in Fall, assign the hosts and guests to dates, send an email of the dates and post the schedule online. We will update the schedule online if the host and guests choose alternate date and if guests cannot we will ask and post substitutes guests.

For more information, see Dinners in the Home Handout or contact Jeanne Jarecki via the church office.