You are invited: Sunday, October 10 at 10 am online and outdoors at church for “Queer is a Verb” Worship Service. Then join Rev. Denise outdoors after the service for “Discussion of Queer Theology” starting at approximately 11:15 am. Youth and young adults are very welcome.

Continuing to work actively at being an anti-racist congregation is one of the goals set by our Board of Trustees again this year. This challenges us to work on new ways of thinking, acting and being. We have a long-term commitment to affirm and celebrate the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people, too — and those identities definitely intersect with race and gender.

On Sunday in our “Queer is a Verb” service you will hear me talk about how much I used to dislike the word queer. Then I will share with you why I now love the term and the ways it has been reclaimed. When I hear the Board talk about our anti-racism goals, I hear them asking us to explore and act on new ways of thinking and doing. That’s what “queering” is – it is applying a new way of thinking. Becoming anti-racist we might say is to queer our thinking around white culture.

I am inviting you behind the curtain to understand queer culture in a manner that extends beyond gender and sexuality to a way of looking at every problem with new eyes and act in new manners outside of traditional thinking of good and evil. Queering used as a verb does just that.

Theology sermons challenge our intellectual side and then look at how we can all take that manner of looking at our life, our communities and the world and use it. As Unitarian Universalists, I wonder how a queer theological framework of how can help us do the work of loving, and improving our communities? Would queering releasing ourselves from now, fastest best, right, wrong, and other absolute descriptions be able to be ‘queered’ helping us to explore possibilities rather than absolutes?

This might be a sermon to take notes on. I will start you out now:

Theology is studying the mysterious. The Study of the ways in which we think about faith.

Queer theology is a newer theology that has been developing for about 70 years. (Seventy is young when it comes to theology.) I realize that for many folks who are about sixty or older, queer was a derogatory word. Some look at one definition of queer as to sully or spoil. I will take you on a journey Sunday where we expand that word to show us how to get out of a spoiled way of thinking into something that is exciting.

Queer as a theological term is best understood as a verb or an action. That is, to “queer” something is to engage with a methodology that challenges and disrupts the status quo.

I look forward to you joining me as we consider new ways of thinking. Perhaps you have done that for others already and can share examples?

For those attending the service in person, I will lead a discussion following service, about what it means to queer something.

Post-Service Queer Theology Chat – Sunday, October 10 approximately 11:15 am

Possible topics during our chat will include:

  • Terminology, ideas or resources in LGBTQ culture
  • Questions about being supportive to LGBTQ people
  • What resources there are for folks who are feeling a struggle around their gender or sexual orientation?
  • Do you wonder who in our community might share identities you have too? Perhaps you will meet at this chat.
  • How can we apply a term like queer to our lives regardless of our genders or sexualities?
  • How does queer theology or using queer as a verb apply to UUCW

I hope you can join me masked and in person, for the discussion following our service Sunday where we will share thoughts and questions with one another. Come be in community. I can’t wait to get to know you more.

Warmly with Love,

Rev. Denise