No Wipes Down the Pipes!
Flushable wipes are cause huge clogging problems for wastewater treatment plants.  Don’t flush anything except human and pet waste and toilet paper!

Compromise, Don’t Fertilize
If you have a lawn, minimize or eliminate the use of fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. These chemicals end up in our rivers and lakes and harm aquatic ecosystems. 

Pick up Litter Before it Skitters!
Stormwater runoff or wind will carry litter into rivers and lakes unless it’s picked up.  And litter hurts the water ecosystem and plugs up treatment systems.  So pick up litter whenever you have a chance!  

Hydrate and Meditate
Fill up a big glass of water and drink it with appreciation.  Reflect on what a blessing water is.  Or visit a river, pond, or lake and gaze upon it with gratitude.  

Make Dinner a Water-Winner!
When you’re thinking about what to have for dinner, consider the fact that the amount of water it takes to produce beef is six times the amount it takes to produce plant-based protein.  Make your dinner a water winner with tofu, beans and rice, or other plant proteins!

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