In the interest of confronting the threat of global warming, the Earth Ministry Team will now focus on sharing information on some of the community and national efforts which are working to reduce Climate Change. Energy consciousness via the cars we drive and other conservation efforts we make in our homes and community do have immediate impacts and affect positive change. But greater efforts are needed to reduce carbon emissions. Market-based approaches, like a carbon tax or cap-and-trade programs, help reduce emissions at the lowest possible cost. One organization Citizens’ Climate Lobby, CCL, is endorsed by the UUA ( This advocacy organization, ten years in existence, is now enlisting the support of Congress through the “Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019” (HR763). With 400 CCL chapters nationally, we have access to its Milwaukee West chapter, which meets monthly at the Unity Church in Tosa. To get involved, go to

The youth within our own families and future generations provide ALL the incentive needed for our immediate attention and action. Impressively, the youth of the planet, 1.4 million throughout 128 countries, including the U.S., recently stepped up as strong advocates to protect the land they will inherit.

In next month’s West Wind, we will announce the dates of upcoming Earth Ministry events to better inform our congregation and to encourage action. We are planning a movie event showing the National Geographic film “Paris to Pittsburgh.” At a later date, there will be an opportunity to hear presentations about the market-based approaches to reducing greenhouse gases. Stay posted for further details. We hope you’ll join us in this important work. For more information, please contact Mary Ross.