Check out all the activities and events that Earth Ministry has planned for April.

April 9 – Earth Ministry Table after service in the Community Room

  • Learn about Fair Trade and Sustainability! Julie Toman will have a display about how you can enjoy your favorite food and be good to the Earth. She’ll offer yummy samples from the Easter Bunny!
  • Send a letter to Members of Congress about the Farm Bill. Our UU values calls us to advocate for a Farm Bill that brings about fairness to farmers and farm workers of color and encourages the production of sustainably grown, healthful foods. The Earth Ministry Team will make it easy for you to send this important message with all the supplies at the Earth Ministry Table. Learn more HERE.

April 14 – Film Screening, Discussion, and Potluck
Celebrate Earth Week with Earth Ministry by attending a screening and discussion of Current Revolution at UUCW. The potluck starts at 6 pm and the screening starts at 6:30 pm. After the film, we’ll host a discussion about the role people of faith can play in the just transition to a clean energy economy where the well-being of workers and frontline communities is valued. Current Revolution, a series of short films from the American Resilience Project, explores the transition from fossil fuels to renewables with a focus on national security, economic prosperity, and environmental justice. View the film trailer.

April 16 – Earth Ministry Table after service in the Community Room
Stop by the Earth Ministry Table to learn more about recycling and about the fourth “R” – Rot, or compost. Join us to see the different options for composting in your backyard.

April 22 – Milwaukee RiverKeeper Clean-up
Roll up your sleeves for the Annual River Cleanup held at Lincoln Creek at 51st Blvd from 9 am-noon. This location has a ton of trash and needs lots of help! You will be busy all morning! Register HERE

April 23 – Earth Ministry Table after service in the Community Room
Learn more about the many ways you can help improve the world for creatures, plants, and you! The Earth Ministry Team will give away native pollinator plants to 16 interested people and provide additional handouts. There will be fun activities for kids and adults to celebrate the Earth! More details coming soon.

April 30 – Earth Ministry Table after service in the Community Room
Today, plastic has become a global nightmare.  During the Covid lockdowns, single use disposable plastic bags made a comeback because people feared reusable bags would spread the disease. Stop by the Earth Ministry Table to learn about all the different ways you can avoid plastic by using alternatives.

Check back at this page to see new events and activities that are still being planned. Contact Karen Zimmerman for more info.