Compost is free, easy to make, and is good for the environment. To “cook” compost you need nitrogen (green), carbon (brown), and oxygen (air). Rick Schmitt (board member Jeanne Jarecki’s husband) was able to utilize 30 cubic feet of compost made in his 5×10 open bed, three-bin compost system.

Here is Rick’s system: Three sides of the compost bed have open fencing which allows airflow, with the front side accessible for turning the piles. His three-bin compost system has piles at different stages of completion and is the fastest way to make compost.

How it works: Filling bin 1 with fresh lawn clippings, leaves, and food waste begins to heat the pile. This pile is then moved to bin 2 and combined with the addition of completed compost from bin 3. Turning and moving the piles increases airflow which aids in decomposing. And the open bed allows for worms, microorganisms, and the natural elements to assist in the composting process. If you want to know more about composting or lack the space for the three-bin method, select the links below.

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