Weeds in your garden beds or lawns? The environmental costs are very high when we all try to maintain a perfect lawn or garden beds through the use of herbicides. A better approach is prevention, manual removal, or living with “imperfection.”

Applying corn gluten to lawns in the spring can prevent seeds from germinating. For landscape, flower, and garden beds, reduce weeds access to light by covering bare soil with a layer of mulch such as woodchips, shredded leaves straw. Manual removal of weeds is easiest after a rainfall. Can you make room for weeds in your landscape? Some weeds like garlic mustard are highly invasive and threaten our native woodlands and should be removed. But other weeds like dandelion, creeping charlie, violets, or clover provide valuable nectar to some of our tiny pollinators.

Below are tips for managing weeds:

Tips For Controlling Weeds In A Vegetable Garden

Organic Weed Control Tips for Gardeners

Six Tips for Effective Weed Control