For a recent EarthSpirit service at UUCW, a set of Oracle Cards was created as a tool for members to use to request guidance “from the Ancestors” on issues or questions in their lives.  It’s a practice similar to consulting tarot cards – a time-honored idea that has a basis in psychology.  Like tarot cards, oracle cards work on the principle that a person’s subconscious mind already holds the guidance they need.  Our deep inner knowing isn’t always easily accessible to our conscious minds, however, perhaps especially during times of crisis or stress.  The symbols and wisdom-messages on the EarthSpirit Oracle Cards were chosen to help draw a person’s inner wisdom to the surface – the magic they have is what each person brings to them.

Click for The EarthSpirit Oracle Cards

To seek guidance, it’s best to ask questions clearly and directly and avoid yes/no.  Open-ended questions are best, for example:  “What do I need to do about (particular concern)?”  or “What can you tell me about my current course of action regarding (particular issue)?”  Or, simply hold the concern in your mind and ask, “What guidance do you have for me, O Ancestors?”

Please note that the EarthSpirit Oracle Cards are not a substitute for therapy, medications, or financial advice, and UUCW is not liable for actions people take based on their interpretation of any Oracle Card.