Living our Mission Today and Planning For a Great Future

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to help the Church fulfill its long-range goals. Its function is to:

  • Support financial stability of the Church and help the congregation to grow in perpetuity
  • Provide a safety cushion for emergency or recurring expenses
  • Promote the eight UU principles in both the Church community and the greater community
  • Provide opportunities for enrichment that might not otherwise be available

How Does the Endowment Fund Work?

The UUCW Endowment Fund was created by caring UUCW members (like you!) who donated money to serve the long-range needs of the UUCW community.  Donations given to the UUCW Endowment Fund are invested at the direction of the Endowment Fund committee, with the guidance of a financial advisor.  Each year, a portion of the fund (calculated using the Harvard Method) is made available for Endowment Fund project grants.  This means that approximately 5% of the net asset value of the fund (averaged over several years) may be spent on grants annually, with the remainder of the fund untouched to ensure continued existence of the Endowment Fund.

Why give to the Endowment Fund?

The simple answer is stability and for the long-range needs of the church. The Endowment Fund provides support every year. It provides revenue to enhance social action programs, grant scholarships, begin new programs and maintain or improve facilities. It ensures a stable source of supplemental income to help guarantee that UUCW can continue its mission for future generations to come.

Your gift to the UUCW Endowment Fund helps put our faith into action and plants the seeds for future growth. Every contribution to the Endowment Fund helps our congregation bring people together and allows us to reach out and take a stand for justice, love, and peace.

Giving to the Endowment Fund allows you to:

  • Leave a Legacy
  • Remember a loved one
  • Provide support for our church mission – “Grounded in love, UUCW is a joyful community committed to spiritual growth, inclusion, and justice.”

How Can I Give?

  • Outright gifts can be made throughout your lifetime – GIVE TODAY!
  • Memorials – donations made in memory or honor of a special person
  • Bequests through your estate plan
  • For retirement assets, the Endowment Fund can be the designated beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k) or annuity
  • Make the church a beneficiary of your life insurance

For more information about leaving a legacy to UUCW, please contact the Endowment Fund Committee.

Suggest Projects for Endowment Fund Grants

Each year the Endowment Fund Committee accepts grant proposals to fund projects that serve the Endowment Fund mission Previous grants supported a wide variety of projects relating to spirituality, the environment, safety, UUCW youth, building/grounds enhancement, support for the UUCW operating budget, long-range planning and social justice.  Here are some examples of past Endowment Fund grants:

  • Grants to support UUCW youth – New RE curriculum materials; $ for youth group trips
  • Spirituality – Peacepole; Labyrinth; meditation garden supplies
  • Environment – Energy-efficient lighting; solar panels; earth ministry library
  • Music / Worship – Instruments, sound system upgrade; stoles for services; worship committee (for guest speakers)
  • Safety – consultant for safety/security; defibrillator; emergency evacuation equipment
  • Building/grounds enhancements & major maintenance needs – establish maintenance/repair fund; Aldo Leopold benches (Eagle Scout project); upgrade worship technology
  • Long-range planning & implementation – Vision 2012; Midwest Leadership school; ministerial intern/assistant minister
  • Justice – Develop & implement racial justice initiatives; ministry outreach & support for LGBTQ youth & their parents; Kaukana & King movie

Help UUCW achieve our mission of spiritual growth, inclusion, and justice –  suggest a project for an EF grant today!  Anyone can submit a project using the grant proposal link below. Note that projects must be sponsored by a UUCW committee, official group, or staff member. Completed grant proposal forms for the 2024-25 church year must be submitted by March 1, 2024.