We are launching an Engagement Campaign to help everybody find a way to show up for, and serve, this community. The first phase, launching this coming Sunday, Sept 24, is a ‘Service Challenge’. Our goal is for everyone to find some easy ways to serve the congregation…ways that spark your interest or float your boat! We’ll be offering multiple possibilities presented in the community room following the service.

And here’s the challenge. Sign up for at least one of the offerings! Will you meet the challenge!?!?

Search Team Potluck Helpers – Oct. 20th
Support the Search Team by helping to host this one-time event. Tasks like setting up tables, putting out plates/utensils/etc, and cleaning up are needed. SIGN UP HERE

Campus Clean-Up – Nov. 4th, 8:30 am – 1 pm
Several times a year we have a ‘work party’ at UUCW to tend to the property, the gardens, and tasks around the building. Can you help? You can choose what works best for you. SIGN UP HERE

RE OUTreach Event – OCT 7th
Be part of a UUCW at Alsum’s Family Fun Event for just one 2-hour shift. Tell folks about our RE program, and invite them to our open house. There’ll be brochures to hand out. SIGN UP HERE

Making Fun Happen!
Social Event PlanningDo you have ideas for fun things to do together at UUCW? Game nights? Potlucks? Theatre outings? If you like doing the planning to make such things happen, sign up here! Let’s put together a small team of planners!
Social Event Helpers – Are you a helper? Would you like to be on a list of volunteers to help set up, decorate, serve, or clean up for events here at UUCW? You’ll be contacted on an ‘as-needed’ basis. SELECT YOUR CATEGORY IN THE SIGN UP

Be a Sunday Reader!
Offer to be an occasional reader for Sunday services! You’ll receive invitations to sign up for upcoming services and then will be given the text in advance. We need your voice! SIGN UP HERE

Prepare and Serve Coffee
Being a coffee volunteer can also involve supporting the after-service community chat. You can help create a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone feels valued and supported. SIGN UP HERE

Give a warm “hello!”
Being a greeter at a church is a wonderful way to help make newcomers feel welcome and included. All you need is a warm smile! Sign up for a Sunday that works best for you! SIGN UP HERE

Be an Usher!
Ushers have the opportunity to create a warm and welcoming environment for visitors. We’ll pair you up with a mentor who will guide you through the process. It’s easier than you think! SIGN UP HERE