Things are looking up! There’s renewed energy at UUCW as we continue to ‘come back’ from COVID. The pandemic has asked us to reflect deeply on the lives we choose to live. Many continue to resist the notion of ‘returning to normal’ in favor of designing a new way of being… living as the Beloved Community.

Here at UUCW, we have a beautiful available canvas, ready for our collaborative creation of the kind of community we desire. And it will take all of us to show up for all of us…so we’re launching an Engagement Campaign to ‘reel you in’.

The first phase, launching on Sunday, Sept 24, is a ‘Service Challenge’, encouraging every person to sign up for at least one way to serve this community. In the next months, we’ll roll out additional phases of this Engagement Campaign, with additional steps you can take toward getting involved with the things that light you up while also offering much needed service to the UUCW Community.

Game’s on!!