Change for Change Sunday

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Change for Change Sunday

November 21st, 2021

November 21 is Change for Change Sunday, when we’re asking you to bring your penny jars, pocket change, and piggybanks to the service – and contribute their contents to help defray the costs for the technology UUCW has had to purchase to be able to keep up with our changing times!  This technology allows us to reach both in-person people and online folks at the same time for worship and meetings.

Change for Change Guidelines

  1. If you wish to have the church acknowledge your gift, please put your change in a sturdy, clear plastic bag and write your name on it, or place a slip of paper with your name inside the bag.
  2. You may count your coins in advance if you’d like, and write the amount on/in the bag. This is not required.
  3. At the right moment in the service, please bring your change bag forward to the Change for Change Receptacle
    1. Note: If you do not need UUCW to acknowledge your gift amount, you may bring loose change up to the Change for Change Receptacle
  4. Please note that Change for Change contributions are in addition to pledge contributions (i.e. they will not count towards your financial pledge for 2021-22).
  5. Enjoy the warm feeling that your every penny is helping UUCW grow and change!!

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