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Christian Spirituality Group

October 13th, 2022

There is a strong longing in us humans for “more” but at the same time, we really can’t clearly articulate what it is we want.  In our October meeting of the Christian Spirituality for UUs group, we will look a bit at what this “more” might be. So many of our UU hymns talk about Mystery and our UU heritage places great emphasis on “action” and service to the community. These are all aspects of spirituality, but only parts of it. Religions and philosophies (such as Humanism) can give us glimpses of what this “more” is for which we search, but they are only pieces.

You are welcome to join the group on October 13th at 7 PM at UUCW for an informal group discussion on the topic of The Soul’s Religion: Moving Beyond Religion to Individual Spirituality.

The reading material is a few pages of notes from the reading of the book The Soul’s Religion by Thomas Moore.  Just some ideas to stimulate the little gray cells!

Email Jim Maletta to receive the reading material for this gathering.

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