Combatting Anti-Trans Legislation 101

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Combatting Anti-Trans Legislation 101

March 15th, 2022

Several of you have been asking me how to help with the anti-transgender bills that have been popping up all over. I know you want to help and be good Allies for Justice. Our own UUA Side with love is here to help us with an organization I trust- The Trevor Project.

Given the upsurge of anti-trans legislation across the country, Side With Love Is partnering with the Trevor Project to offer this webinar talking about this most recent wave of bills and the strategy behind them, as well as how our folks can get engaged In fighting this terribleness locally and nationally. We’d love to see you there and would be grateful If you could share with your people. I know for many of us, this upsurge impacts us and/or our beloveds directly, so please take care of yourselves.

Combatting Anti-Trans Legislation 101
Hosted by Ashley Horan
Tuesday, March 15
7 pm – 8:30 PM CT

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