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Community Conversation

Sunday, December 11th

UU churches exist to provide support and resources for many educational, religious, and humanitarian purposes that advance our UU values.   As a faith, this is our mission.  When we look at our church, how do we describe the specific elements of our specific mission?  We’ll meet together on Dec 11th to begin that discussion.  Come prepared to talk about your vision of our church’s future and mission.

To maintain an atmosphere of safety and respect so that we may fully live our mission, we covenant to affirm and promote:

• Honesty and authenticity in our relationships
• The use of words that are supportive and caring, not belittling or demeaning
• A welcoming and non-judgmental attitude
• Respect for each person’s boundaries of mind, body, spirit, and identity
• A climate that honors the gifts and blessings of each person’s thoughts and deeds

Can’t make the Dec 11th meeting?  There will be many other opportunities for you to supply comments to Rev Julie and the Board of Trustees.  All of us have a valuable perspective and input from all is needed.

Our mission statement is important in several ways.  First, it will allow us to prioritize our resources so that we focus on what our congregation thinks is important.  We can be more efficient and effective with our resources.  Second, forming the statement will allow us to listen to each other and understand the differing views we all may have. Understanding who we are as a community is a big part of keeping our community healthy.  Third, as we get ready to call a settled minister, we need to understand that the mission we define for our church will have a significant influence on which ministers will be interested in serving with us.

As a first-step model, UUA is looking at its own values and covenant and their conclusions might be interesting for us to contemplate.  They have divided their values and covenant into the shared values of (1) pluralism, (2) interdependence, (3) equity, (4) generosity, (5) justice, and (6) evolution.  All of these shared values are inspired and powered by the foundation of love for each other and for our world.  You can read more about the UUA’s attempt to clarify its bylaws and purpose statement on the UUA website. For now, these values may serve as a starting point for us to create our own statement.

For more information, contact Rev Julie or Rob Zimmerman, Board of Trustees President.

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