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“Looped in and Woven Together” – A UUCW Conversation
Sunday, November 20, 12 noon – 2:15 pm

What’s the glue that holds UUCW together?

What promises have you made with others at UUCW that keep you committed to this community even when it breaks your heart?

What does being a covenantal faith require of us, even as it sustains us?

Together, let’s imagine and make evident the ways in which we hold each other, and are held, as we build beloved community.

You are invited to attend a UUCW Conversation hosted by the Transition Team and Rev. Julie. These ongoing conversations will provide direction and substance for our interim work.
Bring a bag lunch or a potluck item to share following the morning service.

This workshop is an opportunity to bring your curiosity, to listen as much as to talk, and to encounter the stories of others. It will not provide a space for those who want to blame, complain, convince, or advise others on what to do.

Your voice matters. During the conversation, you will have an opportunity to express what is most important to you. Differences, doubts, and reservations are welcome!

If you can’t make it or choose not to attend, please know that you are welcome at future UUCW Conversations; the next one is scheduled for Dec 11.

If you have questions, contact Rev. Julie.

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