Community Workdays at UUCW!

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More Hands Mean Less Work

Come together in community to work alongside other members to prepare the building to reopen. Although reopening has not been determined, Covid numbers are dropping and the possibility to come together again for worship is on the horizon.

The Staff has developed a large list of tasks for people to choose from. The pandemic has separated us for too long. Step back into the building, take a deep breath, say hi to some friendly masked faces, and find a task.

There are three opportunities, listed below, to come together to help. If those don’t work, you are welcome to come on your own schedule to work on a task.


Thursday, March 3, 5 pm-8 pm

Saturday, March 5, 9 am-1 pm

Look HERE for the tasks that are currently on the list. If you know which task you want to do, contact Vicki Banville.

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