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UUCW’s moveable feast returns offering a great way to get to meet more members of our growing community. Each small group potluck features 6 to 8 members who gather in the homes of host members to share a meal and conversation. This summer version of  UUCW’s favorite long-running dining experience will meet on Saturdays, June 17 and July 22, and may provide an opportunity to dine outdoors on a patio or porch. Choose to be a host or a guest. If you can’t commit to both dates, you can be added to a substitute list to fill in if someone can’t make it.

SIGN UP HERE and you will be assigned a group that meets your needs. The deadline to register is Friday, June 2, 2023. Contact Eva McCrossin if you have any questions.

Watch your e-news for more information about the fall-winter edition of Dinners in the Home which will run from fall 2023 through March 2024.

Dinners in the Home Frequently Asked Questions:

Does everyone need to host?
In the traditional full-year edition of Dinners in the Home, everyone who signs up would have a turn at hosting. However, the summer version will only offer two dates, June 17 and July 22, so only two households from each small group would need to host. Please indicate on the sign-up form if you would like to host (it would be for only one of the dates), if you would like to be a guest, or if you are interested in being added to the substitute list. There is no guarantee you will be called if you sign up as a substitute.

What size group is a Dinner in the Home?
Typically a group is eight, if you only have room for six indicate that on the sign-up form and we can accommodate as best as we can. Because summer offers the opportunity to entertain outdoors, a patio or porch can be used. However, consider what your plans would be if there was inclement weather.

Who makes what food?
When you host you will make the entrée. When you are a guest, your host will reach out to you to coordinate who will bring an appetizer, salad/vegetable dish, or dessert to pass.

What are my responsibilities when I am a host?
Call/email the other guests for the night you are assigned 2 weeks before the scheduled dinner to be sure they can attend. Confirm the date, time and address of the Dinners in the home. If someone can’t make it, you may call a substitute to take that person’s place. If no substitute can attend, you may call anyone your wish (Personal friend, someone else from the church, etc.).  When you call pass along any special requests or information such as directions to your house, where to park, if the meal is vegetarian, how many people are attending.

What if the date on which I’m planning to host suddenly isn’t good for me or I have a conflict?
Call others assigned to your home on your dates to see if someone else can host. You may also try the substitute list to see if anyone can host. If nothing seems to be working, it is all right to change the date of the dinner altogether. Keep in mind, however, that coordinating everybody for another time can be difficult and changing can be a disappointment to people who have already set aside a specific time on their calendars.  Therefore, try to be accommodating as possible.

What if the date is not good for me when I’m scheduled to bring something rather than to be the host?
Let the host know well ahead of time.  It’s the host’s choice whether to invite a substitute or reschedule the dinner to accommodate you. If no substitute is available, you can offer to bring your dish ahead of time.

What if I’m the host and someone else can’t come?
It is the host’s prerogative to call a substitute or friend or just go ahead with fewer people.

What about last-minute emergency cancellations?
If you must cancel, remember that others are counting on you for food! If possible, prepare or purchase a contribution and drop it off. If you’re hosting and just found out that someone can’t make it or supply food – be creative! Order pizza, pick up Chinese or whatever works.

Should we try to coordinate a menu or just hope that things taste good together?
We leave that up to you. If you prefer a little prior planning, call your host who will know what the entrée is.

 What if I’m vegetarian and have special dietary needs?
Please let the host know well in advance so your requests can be shared with the others who are bringing food. If you wrote down your dietary needs on the sign-up sheet, they should be indicated on the schedule grid. In any case, please mention it to the host when they contact you.

How are singles assigned? Should I bring a guest?
If you are signed up as a single, then you will be assigned that way.  If your partner can’t make it for the date you can bring another guest or check the substitute list.

Should I bring my dish already cooked or ready to cook at the house?
Ask your host what would be best. Remember not all homes have microwaves, so don’t count on that.

My mother or a guest will be visiting from out of town for the weekend, may I bring them along?
Ask your host and confirm the response before you invite your guest. Requests like this can often be accommodated if the space in the home permits. However, don’t just assume it is okay. Give plenty of notice, and make sure the group is aware there will be a need for extra food.

What if my group is too small?
Try calling from the substitute list, or feel free to add friends or family to round out the group. A dinner in the home is usually 6 – 8 persons which makes for plenty of food and conversation.

What if I am allergic to cats/dogs?
It is up to you to inform the host of this, so they can figure out how to handle the situation. You may need extra medication to be comfortable for the evening whatever works best for you in the situation.

Contact Eva McCrossin if you have any questions.

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