Earth Ministry Movie & Potluck

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Join the Earth Ministry team for a delightful evening of community and environmental exploration at our movie and potluck event on March 22nd at 6:30 pm. We will be showcasing the thought-provoking film “Does Nature Have the Right to Be Protected?” as part of the inspiring Wild Hope documentary series.

This particular episode shines a light on the passionate individuals dedicated to restoring and safeguarding our precious natural world, including Callie Broaddus, niece of UUCW member Lynn Broaddus. Callie is the founder and executive director of Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, a group working to conserve wild places entirely through the lens of youth empowerment.

Learn how Ecuador, a country renowned for its incredible biodiversity, has made history by becoming the first nation to enshrine the “rights of nature” in its constitution, recognizing the inherent legal rights of non-human species to exist. Be captivated by the innovative ways this groundbreaking idea is being put to the test in Ecuador, challenging traditional notions of environmental protection and legal frameworks.

Don’t forget to bring a dish to share for our potluck gathering, where we can enjoy a meal together, watch the film, and engage in discussion about the importance of preserving our natural world. Let’s explore how we can be changemakers in our communities. For more information, contact Karen Zimmerman.

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