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The Earth Ministry Committee invites you to a potluck and learning opportunity on Friday, November 22 at 6:30 pm. After food and fellowship, take part in a telesummit featuring “Sustainability Now — Shaping A World That Works.”

This presentation features an interview with Dutch environmentalist and diplomat Alexander Verbeek. He created the Planetary Security Initiative, held at The Hague’s Peace Palace, where representatives from 75 countries meet annually on the climate change-security relationship. Along with international scientists and policymakers, Mr. Verbeek shares trans-environmental dialog regarding problems associated with increasingly violent storms. These storms threaten global financial security, disruption in the delivery of food and essential goods, access to clean water, and displacement of millions of people. Some damage is already “locked-in” according to Mr. Verbeek, but there is much we can and must do. He emphasizes the capability of the United States’ leadership role in this response givens its historical successes in creating jobs during the great depression, landing a man on the moon via the space program, etc. It all begins with awareness of the problem and education.

Come join us to learn more! For further information, join Mr. Verbeek’s large social media followers via Twitter at @Alex_Verbeek and @ArtForOurPlanet which features art that captures the beauty of our planet, and that warns us to preserve the only home we haven. We hope to engage with you on this important challenge facing us all.

For more information, contact Almuth Soffee.

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