Ecology and the Poetic Turn

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Poetry contains a concept called the “volta,” the place where the mood shifts, the story turns the corner, and the larger significance of the poem begins to emerge. I think voltas also happen in nature: a turn of events takes place when a storm blows in, when seasons change when an organism enters a new phase of its life cycle, and during birth and death. Ecopoetry links social, ecological, and spiritual concerns to document and bear witness to the voltas found in these interior and exterior landscapes.

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About our Guest: Freesia McKee is a poet, essayist, and hybridist who writes about apathy, empathy, power, and movement. She grew up at UU Church West.
After a few years in South Florida, Freesia returned to the Midwest. She lives on the homelands of the Miami people and other Indigenous nations. She serves as an adjunct professor, the essays editor for South Florida Poetry Journal, a writing coach, a freelance editor, and a regular contributor to the Ploughshares blog. She is working on a book of ecopoetry and a collection of lyric essays. Freesia has an MFA in poetry from Florida International University and a BA in Gender & Women’s Studies from Warren Wilson College. She is a regular guest on Anja Notanja’s Subtle Forces Podcast.

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