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As we all continue to find ways to connect virtually and be there for each other while we’re physically apart, Gen UU is offering Secret Stanza, a holiday poetry exchange! UUCW young adults (18 – 35 years old) are invited to become a Secret Stanza then gather virtually at a January Gathering.

Express your interest to Gen UU’s coordinator Chelsey Nesbit and she will assign you a randomly chosen Gen UU poem recipient (and you will become a recipient). Participants will e-mail their fellow UU 1-2 times per week between now and Sunday, January 3, 2021, with a poem, stanza, sonnet, verse, etc. 😉 These might be a seasonal poem or a poem that brings comfort or brightens the recipient’s day. You do not have to write or create the poems (unless you want to!). Check out,, and for resources.

On Sunday, January 3 all Secret Stanzas (and non-participants) will gather on Zoom to share poems that particularly brought joy to recipients.

Contact Chelsey Nesbit to sign up. If you have a friend that might like to participate or join, please feel free to forward this information.

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