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Feeling left out of UUA’s General Assembly? Want to find out what UUs are talking about? Perhaps reap a bit of wisdom? Rev. Julie has chosen a few of the on-demand workshops for us to watch together and talk about. Bring a bag-supper or some snacks to share. We’ll gather at UUCW at 6 pm, start the video around 6:15, and spend some time in conversation after. (Most of the sessions are 60-90 minutes) No need to RSVP. Come to one or all!

Friday, September 1, 6 pm – Theologically Grounding Unitarian Universalism’s Commitment to Racial Justice – First Universalist Church of Minneapolis
This program responds to the UUA’s WTC report that urges us to see racial justice as a theological mandate and to articulate a theology of liberation, experimentation and innovation. Panelists will discuss four theological trajectories that advocate for the racial justice work to which we are called. Speakers: Rev. Dr. Andrea Johnson; Rev. Arif Mamdani; Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout; Lauren Wyeth

Other sessions are offered through September 6th. Click on the session title for detailed information: 

Sunday, August 20, 6 pm – Interrogating the Gaze of Unitarian Universalist Women Writers – Sister Souurce, Inc.

Tuesday, September 5, 6 pm – The Repercussions of Misconduct 

Wednesday, September 6, 6 pm – Building Resilience Amidst Continual Upheaval & Change – Meadville Lombard Theological School



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