“Good Trouble Takes a Village” Demonstration

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You’re Invited to Attend the “Good Trouble Takes a Village” demonstration in Wauwatosa this Saturday, 10/3, at 10 am.

Tosa Together is encouraging UUCW Members and Friends to come out to this family-friendly, peaceful event to join in solidarity for police accountability and racial justice in Wauwatosa. Voices against these types of changes have gotten louder and city officials need to see and hear from citizens who support them.

Event Information:

The event starts at 10 am in Hart Park near the stadium. Enter parking lot on the west side of 70th St just south of State Street.

Please arrive at 10 am to hear about the purpose of the event and options for participating and remaining safe. The group will then march at 11 am to State Street in the Village. The event ends at 2 pm; though we know some people will need to leave sooner.

Please wear black as a sign of unity.

Bring your own sign.  If you are a Wauwatosa resident, bring a sign that identifies you as a Tosa resident. Suggestions: “Tosan for Justice; Tosan for Change; Tosan for Police Accountability; Tosan Says End Police Violence. This is to counter the narrative that protesters are all “outsiders.”

Wear a mask and physical distance. Bring kids, water, snacks, and possibly a chair for comfort.

We ask participants to remain respectful to all and to leave any weapons at home. ACLU legal observers will be on hand to assist in ensuring protester rights are upheld.

Protesting on the sidewalks and not interfering with pedestrian or street traffic is legal. In the spirit of the late Rep. John Lewis’ “Good Trouble” non-violent protest, at some point participants will be invited to “sit-in” on State Street. For more information about the risks of the “sit-in,” see the “Protest Permissions” document here.

The document at the link above also contains the Unified List of Demands for Changes in the Wauwatosa Police Department.

Hope you’ll join me there,

Ann Heidkamp

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