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“Happiness: What It Is and How We Grow It”

Sunday, February 20th

In our culture, the “pursuit of happiness” has largely gone awry. Research shows many of us seek life satisfaction in all the wrong places, and that we often fail to embrace the core attitudes and behaviors that make our lives more fulfilling. We will explore how our culture distorts the keys to life satisfaction, the psychological and spiritual underpinnings of happiness, and some of the surprising ways it can be achieved.

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About our Guest: After 32 years as President and CEO, Philip recently retired from Empathia, Inc., a behavioral services firm providing health, safety, and productivity solutions for over 400 organizations across North America. He remains a practicing psychotherapist who, for over 34 years, has written an award-winning weekly column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel titled “Out of My Mind,” now published in the Shepherd Express. Philip is author of The Healing Earth, which won the Midwest Publishers Award, and Nature’s Ways. His next book, Absolutely Out of My Mind, is a compendium of his newspaper columns, due out later this year. Previously, he was Director of Behavioral Science Education at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, where he was an associate professor and received the Outstanding Faculty Award.

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