Have you ever wanted to say Buck it?

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Rev. Dr. Florence Buck pioneered not just faith formation, but she set a foundation for doing what was best even when she had to do it alone. Imagine yourself in one of our first women Unitarian minister’s place. Rev. Denise will help you travel with us 160 years and see how relevant her struggles are today. #BuckIt

About our Guest: Rev. Denise Cawley is Unitarian Universalist minister who lives in Milwaukee, WI, and serves the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Washington County – Hillsboro, OR. In July she was ordained at Bradford Unitarian Universalist Community Church in Kenosha, WI, where she served as the intern minister for the last two years. Denise has provided spiritual and emotional care chaplaincy at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. Denise has been a pivotal player in diversity, inclusion, marriage equality, and voting rights for three decades.

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