Earth Ministry offers “Unbreathable” Film

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Earth Ministry is inviting you to a free screening of the 30-minute film Unbreathable on January 19, 2021, at 5:30 pm CT followed by the webinar, Unbreathable No More: The EPA and Clean Air in 2021 at 6 pm CT.

The right to clean air is an environmental justice issue, affecting communities of color and low-income communities at much higher rates. Air pollution directly contributes to health issues such as asthma, heart ailments, and cancer. Recent research links air pollution to higher cases and deaths from COVID-19. Yet, environmental regulations and the enforcement of existing laws are being stripped away. Justice calls people of faith to work in solidarity with these communities to create a world where all can thrive. This film weaves historical milestones of one of the nation’s most critical health laws, the Clean Air Act, with current-day stories of environmental injustice and community action.

Join this screening and webinar to learn how you can plan to take action in 2021. Register here for the Unbreathable film and webinar!

View the trailer. For more information, contact Karen Zimmerman.

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