Shared Ministry: A Community Conversation

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The Transition Team and Rev. Jullan cordially invite you to participate in a conversation about shared ministry/membership engagement on Sunday, March 24th from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. following a potluck meal. This will be the Team’s final community conversation during Rev. Jullan’s interim ministry here at UUCW.

We’ll be exploring some tough and perennial questions about what shared ministry and engaged membership looks like at UUCW. Why is it so difficult to help members grow into a spiritual practice of action and engagement within the congregational structure? Is there a better way to define and understand shared ministry/engagement?

The Transition Team and Rev. Jullan will lead the conversation using a “fishbowl” format. We’ll sit in the center of the room during the first part while having an intimate discussion of shared ministry, leadership, engaged membership, the nominating process, and related topics as they pertain to our congregation. After that Team conversation, everyone will have an opportunity to express their opinions, concerns, hopes, etc… (This is not a veiled recruitment event; you’ll not be asked to ‘do’ anything.)

We hope you’ll join us in this critical conversation as we continue our preparations to welcome a new minister among us.

The Transition Team and Rev. Jullan

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