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An invitation from Rev. Suzelle Lynch —

I hope you will join me on MONDAY, December 10 at 10:00 am for Love Knows No Borders: A Moral Call for Migrant Justice.

It is a Jericho Walk, a quiet, reverent demonstration of solidarity and outrage, in support of Border Communities and those seeking Sanctuary – held outside the U.S. Immigration Office, 310 E Knapp St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Who’s sponsoring this?  The New Sanctuary Movement from Voces De La Frontera and Unitarian Universalists of Southeast Wisconsin.  That includes UUCW, and all local faith communities are invited to join.

The Milwaukee Jericho Walk is in solidarity with the American Friends Service Committee and Unitarian Universalist Association’s Dec 10 prophetic witness at the US /Mexico border, where faith leaders from all over the country will lead a solemn walk to the border in San Diego to offer a ceremonial blessing to migrants on the other side of the border wall.

Please share this invitation far and wide, and bring signs expressing your support for migrants. Some possible signs include:

  • Migration is beautiful
  • End hate
  • Stop attacking families
  • Jesus was a migrant
  • Who would teargas Jesus?

Need words to tell people why we are doing this?  Here they are!  “As people of faith, we call for an end to border militarization. We call on the U.S. government to respect our human siblings’ human rights to migrate and seek asylum. Our faith calls us to welcome the stranger, the migrant, the human being seeking refuge.

People fleeing violence in Central America should be able to present themselves to immigration authorities to express their fears, not turned away illegally or criminalized for entering between ports of entry to seek asylum.

Deploying additional law enforcement, immigration enforcement agencies, or military personnel to the southern border endangers the rights of migrants and residents of border communities, wastes taxpayer dollars, and does nothing to make us safer.

We call for an immediate end to the detention and deportation of immigrants and oppose any actions to hold immigrants in inhumane detention indefinitely. We call for defunding ICE and CBP. Instead, we must protect those seeking refuge, and provide services and direct assistance to migrating people.”

I will have some pre-made signs available.  If you wish to carpool, please use this list to find one another!

Sending love, and solidarity —


The Rev. Suzelle Lynch, Minister