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Dear UUCW Members,

On Sunday, February 2, 2020 at 11:30 a.m. we will convene a Special Congregational Meeting of the members of Unitarian Universalist Church West (UUCW).  This meeting has been duly called by President Scott Shulick in accordance with Section VI.B. of the UUCW Bylaws. The purpose of the meeting is to authorize a loan of funds from the UUCW Endowment Fund to UUCW to bridge the cash flow gap between final payment of construction costs for Build 2020 and the receipt of outstanding capital campaign funds pledged for years three to five (2020-2022) of the five-year Build 2020 Capital Campaign.

The Special Congregational Meeting will take place in the UUCW Sanctuary.  Voting Member registration for the meeting and distribution of voting cards will begin shortly after the end of the 10:00 a.m. service. In accordance with Section VI.C. of the UUCW Bylaws, only those members of UUCW who signed the Membership Book on or before December 4, 2019 are eligible to participate and vote at the meeting, though others may attend. A quorum of 10% of UUCW’s voting membership is required to conduct the meeting, and in accordance with Bylaws section X.B.2.f, a two-thirds majority vote of the Members in attendance at the meeting is required for the Endowment Fund to lend funds from its principal to the Church.

We encourage all UUCW voting members to attend the Special Meeting.

Special Congregational Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to order: Scott Shulick, President
  2. Ascertain 10% quorum — Jeannie Jarecki, Secretary
  3. Chalice lighting — Laurie Boddie, Vice President
  4. Appoint Parliamentarian
  5. Approve Agenda
  6. Approve June 2, 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
  7. Approve September 15, 2019 Special Congregational Meeting Minutes
  8. Motion: “That the Endowment Fund Committee execute documents to loan UUCW up to $125,000 of Endowment Fund principal for a period of no longer than three (3) years to bridge the cash flow gap between the final payment of construction costs for Build 2020 and the receipt of outstanding pledged capital campaign funds. At or before the end of the three-year loan period, all funds loaned by Endowment Fund to the church will be repaid in full, including interest payments equal to all investment gains that would have accrued to the loaned funds during the loan period. The interest payment amount will be determined by the Endowment Fund’s professional advisors.”
  9. Adjourn


Voting by Mail: Section VI.E. of the UUCW Bylaws provides for voting by mail as follows:

Action by Written Ballot

With regard to any action that may be taken at an annual, regular or special meeting of the members (including the election of directors and/or officers, but excluding any vote to call or dismiss a minister), a Voting Member may vote by mail on ballot forms provided by the Church. The Secretary or designees shall verify the membership status of each person attending a meeting of the Members or requesting an advance ballot and shall distribute only to those qualified to vote. The ballot form shall set forth each proposed action known in advance and provide an opportunity to vote for or against each proposed action. The ballot form may not be revoked.

If you are unable to attend the meeting on February 2nd and wish to receive a written ballot, please contact Board Secretary Jeanne Jarecki. PLEASE NOTE: Completed written ballots must be received in the church office by noon Friday, January 31, 2020.

Additional information can be found here.

Childcare for the meeting will be available.


Jeanne Jarecki, Secretary, Board of Trustees
Unitarian Universalist Church West
13001 W. North Ave., Brookfield, WI 53005



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