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Hosted by the Board of Trustees
Sunday, March 17, 1 to 3 pm – Community Room

The UUCW Bylaws are a legal document that sets forth the purpose of the church, qualifications for membership, members’ rights, how the Board of Trustees and its officers are elected, how meetings are conducted, how ministers are called and dismissed, definitions of committees and how they are created, and rules about the disposition of property. The Bylaws are a living document, for they contain a provision that requires that they be reviewed every five years by a Bylaws Review Committee elected by the congregation. Every church member is entitled to have a copy of the Bylaws. The proposed updates are online or on the foyer table.

In the spring of 2018, the Bylaws Review Committee presented a Bylaws change proposal to the congregation, and that proposal was placed on the agenda of the June 2018 Annual Meeting. Among other changes, the Bylaws Review Committee recommended removing the Committee on Ministry from the Bylaws as a Standing Committee. At the June 2018 Annual Meeting, the members voted to remove the Proposed Bylaws Changes from the meeting agenda, feeling that they had not had enough time to fully understand the proposed changes.

In order to provide an opportunity for open discussion with congregation members regarding the 2018 proposed Bylaws changes, which will be on the 2019 Annual Meeting Agenda in June, the Board of Trustees is hosting an informational meeting on Sunday, March 17th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm in the Community Room.

All members are invited and encouraged to attend and learn more about the proposed changes to our Bylaws, including the role and history of the Committee on Ministry. Questions? Contact President David Feil.