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People of Faith Press Conference for Abortion Rights

Wednesday, July 6th

Join Reverend Denise and other speakers who will address the issue of people not leaving their faith when they make decisions about abortion. This press conference is quiet for now- there are no social media posts about it. Please bring signs showing your support for people of faith being pro-choice. Please invite your friends to prove that progressive people believe in abortion care as healthcare. This ban on abortion and other reproductive choices are already hurting families here in Wisconsin. Wear your side with love shirts if you have them. Let people entering the clinic know there are progressive faith leaders and liberal religious people who believe in body autonomy.

  • When and where: Wednesday, July 6 – 10 am in the parking lot of Planned Parenthood’s Water Street health center (located at 435 S Water Street, Milwaukee, WI)

If you are making signs:

  • Sign and Language notes
    • Use gender-inclusive/non-gendered language. For example, instead of saying this is about women’s bodies or “a pregnant woman”; instead you could say: “a pregnant person”/”women and people across the gender spectrum”/”Patients seeking abortion”/”our friends, neighbors, loved ones”
    • Talking about congregations: be sure not to just say church/temple/mosque; instead use faith community, congregation, place of worship
    • Avoid fear-based/stigmatizing imagery or language related to abortion (i.e. coat hanger imagery, handmaids tale references, “back-alley abortions”, “abortions should be rare”)

Questions: talk to Reverend Denise. This press conference will be brief. Don’t be late. Give yourself time to find street parking.


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