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“Queer is a Verb”

October 10th, 2021

Queer is not just a gender or sexuality, but also a theology. The language we have for understanding gender, and sexuality is constrained by language, culture and even faith. Queer theology is an emerging way of describing life’s mysteries. You are invited to explore queer theologians as we ‘queer’ culture and faith and celebrate both National Coming Out Day and Indigenous People’s Day in this service.
Watch the recorded service.
Queer Theology Chat: For those attending the outdoor service, Rev. Denise will lead a discussion starting at approximately 11:15 am to share what it means to queer something and answer any questions with one another.

Possible topics during our chat will include:

  • Ask about terminology, ideas or resources in LGBTQ culture
  • Bring questions about being supportive to LGBTQ people
  • What resources there are for folks who are feeling a struggle around their gender or sexual orientation?
  • Do you wonder who in our community might share identities you have too? Perhaps you will meet at this chat.
  • How can we apply a term like queer to our lives regardless of our genders or sexualities?
  • How does queer theology or using queer as a verb apply to UUCW

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