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Join UUCW’s Rainbow Connection, a new affinity group dedicated to diversity & inclusion!  Rainbow Connection aims to create a safe space to belong. This event is for anyone looking for somewhere casual to “hang out” on a Friday or Saturday night, in a place with good energy, full of love and acceptance. Come as your fully authentic self, free to just be. Open to anyone who knows what it feels like to be marginalized, for any reason, or is an ally to those who do.

Wherever you fall on the human spectrum, whether it be LGBTQIA+, person of color, neurodivergent, married or single, senior citizen, middle-aged, young adult, adolescent, man, woman, child or infant, all are welcome. Allies are always welcome, too! Alone, with your family, or along with friends, all are welcome. After all, no matter who you are, at times we’ve all experienced feeling a little too…well, something!

Too tall or too short, too wide or too narrow, too happy or too sad, too light or too dark, too open or too closed, too intellectual or too emotional, too spirited or too dull, the list goes on and on. At Rainbow Connection, you are assured, you will be neither too much nor too little. You deserve to take up the space you need, and you belong.

Each week you’re invited to drop in between 7 pm and 9 pm, alternating between Friday and Saturday nights (refer to the website calendar). The first 30 minutes will be focused on a harmonizing event in the sanctuary, inviting all who are comfortable participating, to transcend their human experience and connect energetically with themselves, their higher power, and others. Those who are uncomfortable or not interested in this activity are in no way required to join in.

The community room will be open for socializing. There will be some snacks, drinks, board games, and conversation starters and crafts provided. Feel free to bring your own board game, conversation starters, a book to read, a craft to make or share, and a fun snack or beverage to share.   If you’re interested in supporting, but unable to attend, supplies donations are also welcome!

As this is meant to be an inclusive event, with all ages and stages of life represented, please label items with allergy/sensitivity-prone ingredients, such as nuts, dairy, gluten, etc. And, no alcoholic beverages, please.

Plans are shaping up to include sound baths, drum circles, mantra chanting, healing energy work, and various other modalities as ideas are shared and emerge.

If you have any questions or would like to be added to the group’s communications, contact Marjorie May.

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