Show and Tell with Mr. Dave – “Upcycled Art”

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In celebration of Earth Day, I invite you to create a piece of art from reused or recycled materials…a sculpture? a collage? a drawing? a painting? With…cardboard tubes? egg cartons? fabric bits? wood scraps?

On…reused paper? the back of a cereal box? paper you made from scraps?

Maybe you already have something, or maybe this is a project for this weekend! Adults, youth and children alike are welcome to take a break on Tuesday, April 21 at 2:00 pm to show us what you’ve made & tell us about where it came from. Using materials with a “history” eases the burden on the Earth and its resources. Sharing our creativity highlights the special gifts each of us contributes, giving meaning to life.

Contact Dave Cicero to be invited to the Zoom Group.

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