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The Summer Writers’ Group will meet in a small group to write creatively together. This experience helps to develop the writers’ voices – whether the goal is to preserve memories, compile a collection of stories, write and publish, or to get to know the others better. Writing prompts will be provided; writers share what they write and are heard.

Writers can express themselves in writing any genre – whether philosophical journaling, brief fictional narratives, or even poetry.

The group will meet six times through the summer at 1:00 pm: Wednesdays, June 5, June 19, July 3, July 17, Aug 21, and Sept 4. Sign up this Sunday in the Community Room after service or contact facilitator Barbara Glasgow . The first 8 people to sign up will comprise the group.

The Summer Writers’ Group will follow the format of Pat Schneider (author of Writing Alone and Together):
Following the timed writing periods, we each read what we’ve just written to the other members. We provide feedback about what we identified with in the piece, what we felt as we listened, and what made a memorable impression. This medium (writing) invites fabrication and fictionalizing. Art isn’t about telling our secrets, but it has to be free to go wherever it needs to go – and usually our pain comes out first.

A writing group is not a therapy group: it’s concerned with liberating the artist in the person. The issue is how fresh, how true, how concrete and vivid is the writing. It’s as a forum to reflect on those things most important to us.