“Time Weights” – Staged Reading by Scott Kopichke

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On April 1, Joanne and I, along with four other actors, will present a staged reading of my new play, Time Weights. I have written more than a dozen plays, and have been fortunate to have several of them produced, locally, in Door County and in other states.

One typical question that I hear is “how do you come up the ideas for your plays?” My normal routine is to ask “what if”. For Time Weights, I asked myself, “What if Professor Stephen Hawking had a theory that he couldn’t prove before he died?” This may sound like an unusual question, but in our retirement, Joanne and I have become interested in physics. We watch Nova, StarTalk, and the Discovery Channel, and we get Great Courses DVDs from the library. We read books by Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking. All of these things led me to ask my question. We are hoping that you will join us on April 1 to see how we answer it.

“Time Weights” is about Lauren, a retired physics professor in the early stages of dementia. When she receives a package from her deceased mentor, Stephen Hawking, and some improbable visitors, her tenuous grasp of reality begins to fray. Will she stay tethered to her daughter, or will she find new life in the black hole?

Join Scott and other actors Joanne Kopichke, James Santelle, Susan Loveridge, and Paul and Jeanne Troglia. A talkback session with the actors will immediately follow the performance. Freewill offerings will be accepted and will benefit UUCW.

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