Tea with Rev. D: “Words We Love to Hate”

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Tea with Rev. D: “Words We Love to Hate”

May 29th, 2021

In our first Tea with Reverend Denise, we heard many of you were interested in the etymology of words related to faith, words of reverence, words we may have difficulty with because of pain from a church of origin, words political parties or movements may have co-opted. Please join us as we decipherer words, examine why we may hold animosity or charge about certain words.

Reverend Denise is playing with the times she offers Tea with Rev. D. as she gets to know the congregation. Some will be virtual, some will be outdoor at church and you are welcome at any of them.

Outdoor events are experimental. Please wear a mask, bring your own water bottle, and bring a chair you are comfortable sitting in.

You are welcome to submit words you want to talk about ahead of time to help Reverend Denise prepare for the conversation. Reservations are welcome and you are also welcome to drop in for this small group discussion.

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June Tea: Monday, June 21, 10 am Zoom
Topic TBD

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