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Tea with Rev. D: Theology of Dolly Parton Discussion

April 26th, 2021

Join us for a new tradition – Tea with Rev. D when Reverend Denise brings us a topic to explore. Tea is meant to bring members together for deeper connection. Topics will include current events, popular culture, media, history and ethics all through a Unitarian Universalist lens. Think of these as a drop-in small group ministry or even a covenant group. You can join for the part you are able, feel free to eat or sip tea or coffee and explore your UU theology (that means beliefs about a sense of the divine) with Reverend Denise and your UUCW friends. All are welcome. Newcomers feel free to join us. Register HERE to receive the “Tea with Rev. D” zoom link.

This week Reverend Denise will be using both her sermon and specifically the last episode of Dolly’s America, the NPR produced nine-episode podcast series. The episode that discusses her theology and beliefs is episode 9 which originally aired on December 31, 2019. You can access it here. Episode 9: She’s Alive! “As Dolly will tell you, so much of who she is – her creativity, her music, her stance on life – emanates from her faith, but what exactly is that faith? The answer is deeply surprising. In this episode, Dolly tells a story of finding God in an abandoned church filled with X-rated graffiti.”

Join us with a cup of your favorite beverage as we explore Dolly’s spirituality through a lens of Unitarian Universalism. Register for “Tea with Rev. D” HERE.
For more information, contact Rev. Denise Cawley.


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