The Healing Power of Yoga and Meditation for Substance Abuse and Trauma Recovery

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For many people who experience trauma, and/or abuse substances, numbing feelings and disconnecting from themselves and others becomes a way of coping with life. This sermon will touch on research that shows that yoga and meditation can help improve one’s response to stress, create a sense of calm in body and mind, and decrease symptoms associated with PTSD. Rev. Dr. Cummings will share her experience offering yoga and meditation at the Kenosha County Detention Center, YMCA, and Evangelical Lutheran Congregations of America (ELCA) Outreach Center. Special Music today from jazz pianist Dan Dance.

About our Guest: Rev. Dr. Monica Cummings is the founder of the Kenosha Center for Spirituality and Healing where she is a practitioner of Spiritual Guidance, Reiki Healing, and Yoga. She is a Recovery Coach at The Hope Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse, and facilitates the “30/30 Yoga and Meditation for Recovery” class at the Kenosha YMCA, and has work published in Skinner House Books.

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