Topics in Liberal Christian Thought

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Jesus rose from the dead. A central teaching of Christianity but maybe one that early Jewish followers of Jesus understood one way and people of other cultures misinterpreted in more literal ways. Is it possible that this teaching was not as literal as it has come to be understood by some Christians today?

Gospel narratives on the resurrection conflict with one another and are not consistent. This is both confusing and enlightening. Paul’s explanation of resurrection to the Corinthians may provide us with some clarification of what resurrection means.

How we understand the resurrection can be helpful in re-enlivening Christianity in the modern world. It can give us deeper insight into the spiritual meaning of such concepts as “salvation,” “Christ” and even death as well as the place of humanity in the Cosmos.  This is sure to be a lively discussion!

All UUCW members are welcome to join us for this presentation in Topics in Liberal Christian The meeting will be on Thursday, December 14th at 10:30 AM in UL5. 

If you will be attending, please contact Jim Maletta to RSVP so enough materials are available for everyone.

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