Topics in Liberal Christian Thought – Religion and Faith

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Religion is a topic on which there really is no agreed upon definition.  Everyone thinks they know what it is until we start analyzing our assumptions.  For the next session of Topics in Liberal Christian Thought we will dive into the definitions and different perspectives on religion through the years to see what we can find. Many people use faith and religion as synonyms,  but they are quite different things. For many of us, our personal growth has required moving from religion back to faith while others have moved from religion to nothing.

Faith may be a very fundamental human thing.  Is it possible that given our incomplete knowledge of most things going on around us that we all have some degree of faith?  Do you have to check your brain at the door to have faith or is faith more reasonable than some may think? Can you have real faith without reason or without doubt?  Does faith develop as humans grow and mature?  Much has been written on this topic and there are diverse opinions to consider.  Join us for this de-construction and analysis with friends!  The next meeting will be Thursday, June 20th at 10:30 am in UL5

If you will be attending, please contact Jim Maletta to RSVP so enough materials are available for everyone.

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